Sustainable Waves

Discover a collection that evokes a myriad of sensations through

vibrant colors, intricate textures, and a profound social and environmental impact. Our swimwear line features bikinis and bathing suits crafted from Econyl lycra, a revolutionary fiber made entirely from recycled nylon waste sourced from our oceans.

Environmental Sustainability

By utilizing Econyl lycra made from discarded nylon waste, we actively contribute to cleaning up our oceans and reducing plastic pollution.

Social Empowerment

Collaborating with women from the Chorrillos Annex Prison not only honors their craftsmanship but also provides them with valuable skills and opportunities for economic empowerment.

Ethical Fashion

By choosing eco-friendly materials and supporting marginalized communities, we redefine the fashion industry's standards, advocating for a more inclusive and responsible approach to design.

Each piece is meticulously hand-embroidered by women from the Chorrillos Annex Prison, adding a unique touch of craftsmanship and empowerment to every design.

Through sustainable sourcing and production practices, we minimize our ecological footprint while promoting a circular economy.

Join our commitment to a conscious and equitable future!