Lady of Cao: Legacy of Power

Explore the magnificent "Lady of Cao: Legacy of Power" collection!

Inspired by the iconic figure of the Lady of Cao, an Inca woman who broke barriers and left a legacy of leadership, this collection is more than just fashion: it's a tribute to female power and the rich history of the Mochica culture.

Revitalize Mochica textile art

We seek to rescue and revitalize the traditional textile techniques of the Mochica culture, keeping alive its rich cultural heritage

Empower young women

We have trained over 16 women aged between 18 and 35 from the Magdalena de Cao community, providing them with the skills and tools necessary to thrive in textile art and create sustainable employment opportunities.

Preserve cultural heritage

By collaborating closely with local artisans and preserving ancestral textile techniques, we contribute to conserving and disseminating the invaluable cultural legacy of the Moche region.

Inspired to enrich their traditional looms, they have merged the rich history of their culture with contemporary touches. The result is a stunning collection that celebrates Shipibo textile craftsmanship, creating employment and significant opportunities for these communities.