Pucallpa 20'

Discover the Pucallpa Collection 20'

Immerse yourself in the ancestral heritage of the Pucallpa Collection! This exquisite line is not just fashion, but a tribute to the ancestral Shipibo Conibo culture of Pucallpa and a testament to the transformative power of sustainable design.

Celebrating the Shipibo-Conibo culture.

Spread the cultural legacy of the indigenous population of the Peruvian jungle by giving greater visibility to their textile art

Empowering through work

Empowering women artisans and providing them with opportunities in the creation of the collection strengthens their economic position

Advancing towards sustainability

By integrating artisanal techniques into contemporary designs, we foster responsible and sustainable production

Inspired to enrich their traditional looms, they have merged the rich history of their culture with contemporary touches. The result is a stunning collection that celebrates Shipibo textile craftsmanship, creating employment and significant opportunities for these communities.

The Pucallpa Collection stands out not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its positive environmental impact. By valuing and promoting local artisanal techniques, we contribute to preserving textile tradition and reducing the ecological footprint associated with mass production.

Join our commitment to a conscious and equitable future!