This document explains the general terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policies applicable to the access and use of the services offered by ESTRAFALARIO.PE within the e-commerce (site https://estrafalario.pe/), its
subdomains and/or other related domains (urls).

The terms and conditions contained in these instruments will be applied and
they will understand that they are part of all transactions, which are executed through the marketing system included in this website between users registered or not in ESTRAFALARIO.PE, which will also be referred to hereinafter interchangeably as "the company".

The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as in the Privacy Policies of
ESTRAFALARIO.PE and in the other documents incorporated therein by
reference, prior to your registration as a User of ESTRAFALARIO.PE and/or the acquisition of products and/or services, and/or delivery of any data, being subject to what is indicated and provided in the Terms and Conditions.

When you visit ESTRAFALARIO.PE you are communicating with the company electronically. In this sense, you give your consent to receive
ESTRAFALARIO.PE communications by email or by posting notices on its portal.


The content, organization, graphics, design, compilation and other aspects of the website are protected by Intellectual Property laws of the Republic of Peru. Its copying, redistribution, use or publication, in whole or in part, is prohibited and punishable by law. The publication or transmission of information or documents on the website does not imply a waiver of any right related to such documents or information.

ESTRAFALARIO.PE offers clothing for women made by women in
vulnerable situations. Where each piece is special with factors rooted in versatile design and low-quantity production, allow us to have a
unique and sustainable concept adding the storytelling of each piece gives us as
The result is unique pieces with value that go far beyond the aesthetics of the product.



The user will enjoy all the rights recognized by the legislation on protection
to the consumer in force in the territory of Peru and also those granted in these terms and conditions. The user will have at all times the rights of information, rectification and cancellation of personal data in accordance with Law No. 29733 on the protection of personal data. The mere visit of this site in which certain goods are offered, does not impose any obligation on the consumer, unless he has unequivocally accepted the conditions offered by the provider, in the manner indicated in these terms and conditions.

It is mandatory to fill out the customer registration form in all its fields with valid and true data to become an authorized user of ESTRAFALARIO.PE. In this way, you will be able to access the promotions and the acquisition of products and/or services offered on this site. The future User ESTRAFALARIO.PE must fill out the customer registration form with their personal information in an exact, precise and true manner (Personal Data) and assumes the commitment to update the Personal Data as necessary. ESTRAFALARIO.PE may use various means to identify its Members, but ESTRAFALARIO.PE is not responsible for the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by its Users. Users guarantee and are responsible, in any case, for the accuracy, veracity, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data entered. In this sense, the statement made by Users at the time of registration shall be understood as an "Affidavit".

The user declares and guarantees that he has reached the age of 18 and has absolute
legal capacity to use the website respecting the terms and conditions described here.

Users who register will not have to enter their data for each subsequent purchase they make.

If any fraudulent and/or malicious use is verified or suspected and/or contrary to these Terms and Conditions and/or contrary to good faith, ESTRAFALARIO.PE will have the final right to terminate the credits, not make the promotions effective, cancel transactions in progress, cancel accounts and even prosecute offenders.

In case of temporary suspension ESTRAFALARIO.PE will notify the client informing the time of suspension of the account. In cases of disqualification, ESTRAFALARIO.PE may cancel the purchase made, without this generating any right to compensation, payment and/or compensation for the client. The Member, once registered, will have his email address and a secret password (hereinafter the "Password") that will allow personalized, confidential and secure access.

ESTRAFALARIO.PE reserves the right to reject any registration request or to cancel a previously accepted registration, without being obliged to communicate or explain the reasons for its decision and without this generating any right to compensation or compensation for the user.

The User's registration is personal and cannot be transferred for any reason to
third persons. In this sense, no user may sell, attempt to sell, assign or transfer a username or password. Therefore, ESTRAFALARIO.PE may suspend or permanently cancel an account in the event of a sale, offer of sale, assignment or transfer, in violation of the provisions of this paragraph.


Once registered, users will have a definitive password or key that will allow personalized, confidential and secure access. Said password may be changed when the user deems it appropriate, for which he must follow the procedure established on the website. Notwithstanding this, it is the sole and exclusive responsibility of users to ensure the maintenance of the confidentiality of their secret password registered on the website, which allows them to make purchases, request services and obtain information. Therefore, the improper use of the key or its delivery to third parties does not involve any responsibility for the company.


The company reserves the right to update and/or modify the Terms and
Conditions described below when deemed appropriate, which is why each time the user uses this site, they must consult these documents.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, ESTRAFALARIO.PE undertakes to ensure the
availability, without interruptions, of the services of the "site" (https://estrafalario.pe/), reduce errors in any publication of information that may take place on the web. However, and due to the very nature of the internet, it is not possible to guarantee such extremes, therefore, access to the services of the site https://estrafalario.pe could eventually be suspended or restricted for the purposes of carrying out security tasks. maintenance, modernization of our products or services, internet failures, repair of technical difficulties or for any other circumstance beyond ESTRAFALARIO.PE; In such cases, the pertinent actions will be taken immediately to solve the inconveniences in the shortest possible time, without any type of responsibility being imputed to ESTRAFALARIO.PE.


Through this website the company will make product offers, which may be accepted through electronic acceptance and using the mechanisms that the same site offers for this. Any offer acceptance will be subject to the suspensive condition that ESTRAFALARIO.PE validates the transaction carried out at https://estrafalario.pe. Consequently, for any operation carried out on this site, confirmation and/or validation or verification by the company will be an essential requirement for the formation of consent.

To validate the transaction, the company must verify the following:

a) Confirm the price of the order item. Despite our best efforts, it is possible that the price of any of the products offered in our Virtual Store is wrong, therefore if the correct price of the product consigned in your order is higher than the price indicated in our Virtual Store, we We will contact you to inform you of this fact so that you can tell us if we proceed with your shipment using the correct sale price or cancel your order.

b) That validates and accepts the means of payment offered by the user.

c) That the data registered by the client on the site coincide with those provided when accepting the offer.

Once the validation is completed, ESTRAFALARIO.PE will contact the user through the email provided by the consumer, in order to inform them of the result of the validation. The consent will be understood as formed from the moment that ESTRAFALARIO.PE successfully concludes the validation and informs the user of it.


Through our Virtual Store we offer you a wide variety of products and services. To make a purchase request through it, you must identify yourself with a Peruvian DNI, Immigration Card or RUC issued in Peru (if you are a legal entity) and make the payment through the platform with any of the following means of payment: Credit card, Debit card or bank transfer. The credit and debit cards accepted are the following: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club issued by national banks. For the means of payment "cash" and "bank transfer", it will be coordinated by phone, mail and / or whatsapp.

When making a purchase in our Virtual Store, you will generate a purchase request, which must be previously approved by us. Only the approval of this request will give rise to a sales contract between ESTRAFALARIO.PE and the client.

You should take into account the following additional considerations:

  • There are no maximum or minimum purchase amounts.
  • The purchase limit of a product will be given by its stock and the purchase request will go through an evaluation of personal data, means of payment and product stock, granting a final resolution in a maximum of 1 business day (24 hours). since the first purchase confirmation email arrives. For this reason, it is important that you are attentive to any communication. Take into account that the display of the product on the web does not guarantee its available stock.
  • In order to keep you informed, we will send you emails, text messages (SMS), WhatsApp messages or we will call you at the numbers you register during the purchase process of your order.
  • After the first purchase approved and made, subsequent purchase requests will no longer require the entry of all data, the system will recognize it through your email and remember it. If you want to modify them, you can edit them on the same web page during the purchase process.
  • If you make a mistake in the purchase request (error in the delivery address, personal data, quantity of products, or others) you must cancel the purchase immediately and proceed with a new request.
  • In the event of a lack of stock of any of the products you requested, we will contact you to inform you about it. At this stage you can decide between:
  • Accept the purchase of the remaining products, where we will invoice only the amount of said products, or
  • Cancel the order.
  • If there is no availability of stock in all the products you requested due to an external or internal factor, we will proceed with the cancellation of the order.
  • You can make purchases from abroad, as long as the card you use to make the payment has been issued in Peru and the address you detail corresponds to one of the districts that we have available for dispatch.

If you need help to make the purchase online, you can contact the Customer Service Center on the cell phone: 986988903.

The availability of the products to choose from through our website will be subject to the availability of stock in the virtual store. The fact that a product appears published on the site does not necessarily imply that there is stock available for it. Said stock will be reserved only if you already have the approval of your online purchase, which will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

The images and colors of the products on the website are referential and may vary with respect to the physical product. The images may also present the product installed in an environment to show its finish and functionality, without this indicating that the product is sold as a whole.

Products with the description "Exclusively sold product in our physical stores" will only be displayed on our website.

The purchase will be invoiced with the prices in force and published at the time you made the purchase request, provided that in accordance with these Terms and Conditions we have approved your request.

The offers, promotions, prices of the products and services published on our website, will be valid only while our page appears and will not be applicable to other sales channels, such as physical stores, catalogs or others.

The minimum stock is 1 product.

The purchase limit of a product will be given by its stock.

In the event of a purchase greater than that established, we can cancel the order without this representing any type of claim. The products and services published on this site are valid exclusively for consumption.


The products and services offered in ESTRAFALARIO.PE, unless a different form is indicated for particular cases or offers of certain goods or services, can only be paid with the means that are specifically indicated in each case:
1. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club online credit cards and
2. Credit and Debit cards from all banks.
3. Cash on Agents.
4. Internet banking.

The use of credit or Debit cards will be subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, in relation to its issuer and to what is agreed in the respective Opening Contracts and Use Regulations.

When using a credit or debit card, the name of the cardholder must match the name used when registering on the ESTRAFALARIO.PE portal. Otherwise, the operation could be aborted. Under any suspicion and/or confirmation of unauthorized purchases, ESTRAFALARIO.PE will cancel the purchase and automatically reverse the card.


Offers of goods and services will be made on the website, which may be accepted through electronic or telephone acceptance and using the mechanisms that the website itself offers for this. In view of the foregoing, after the User submits their Purchase Request, the company will send the User an email indicating that said request made on the website is in the validation process. Consequently, for any operation carried out on this site, confirmation and/or validation by the company will be an essential requirement for the formation of consent. In this sense, to validate the user's purchase request, the following must be unequivocally verified:

a) That the means of payment used by the user is valid and accepted by the company.
b) That the data registered by the client on the site coincide with those provided
when accepting the offer and that said data is true.
c) That the requested products are available in stock. If there is not enough stock to meet the order, the company will proceed to contact the user.
d) That we have delivery coverage to the requested shipping area. Due to
that we do not have delivery to all districts and there are areas with coverage
limited. * Consult details of dangerous areas.

In accordance with the aforementioned, the validation stage concludes with the issuance of the respective receipt and/or sales invoice, as requested by the client.

Only after validating the Purchase Request, the funds previously
reserved will be definitively charged to the credit card or debited from the User's debit card as appropriate. The company reserves the right to change the status of the order at any time, provided that there is evidence of fraud against the holder of the purchase or a systemic error occurs that distorts the price of the offers.

Once the validation is completed, the company will contact the user in a timely manner via
email and / or telephone, giving knowledge of the status of your purchase. He
Consent will be understood as formed from the moment the company successfully concludes the validation and informs the user of it.

In view of what has been stated in the preceding paragraphs, and as a measure of
To protect the security of transactions, the company may annul purchases in which the data provided by the customer does not match the available databases, or in respect of which the aforementioned validation has not been carried out within the 48 hours after the order placed.


The products purchased through the website will be subject to the dispatch and delivery conditions chosen by the customer and available on the Site.

The days of dispatch of the products are from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and holidays are prior coordination with an additional S/.5.00 to the rate established for the delivery area on the web.

The information on the place of delivery is the sole responsibility of the customer. Therefore, the accuracy of the data indicated will be your responsibility to make a correct and timely delivery of the products to your home or shipping address. If there is an error in the address, your product may not arrive on the indicated date and you may have additional charges.

The delivery rate by District is:

The terms chosen for dispatch and delivery are counted from the
ESTRAFALARIO.PE validates the order and means of payment used, considering 48 hours after the validation of the purchase for compliance with said term (Monday to Friday).

The ESTRAFALARIO.PE User will not be able to request the change of address after receiving the confirmation email from ESTRAFALARIO.PE, if in case the client has not entered the correct address at the time of making the purchase and the order is already confirmed, The client would have to request ESTRAFALARIO.PE, the cancellation of the initial purchase and create a new one with the correct address, taking into account that the sale and dispatch of the products is conditioned to their availability, new price of the product, the new terms of delivery, established by ESTRAFALARIO.PE and the costs associated with this new address.

Note: It is recommended that the customer make the address change in his account
ESTAFALARIO.PE so that in future purchases no error is generated.

In order to facilitate the follow-up of the orders placed by customers on the page, ESTRAFALARIO.PE may send information via text messages (SMS and/or MMS) or via "WhatsApp" about the delivery and status of the orders placed. in the place. And Customers may submit questions about their orders or interact via text messages (SMS and/or MMS) or via WhatsApp or by phone call. If you do not wish to receive said confirmations through the aforementioned channels, you can communicate it by email: logistica@estrafalario.pe or you must block the number of the sender of the message.

ESTRAFALARIO.PE has dispatch coverage at the level of Lima, however, there are rural or difficult-to-access destinations in which the dispatch cannot be made and this will be reported to the client, once the order and payment have been confirmed in the system. . In case the location of the client's domicile cannot be attended; because it is in a street or area that is difficult to access or *dangerous area (detail table attached), ESTRAFALARIO.PE will contact the customer to manage a change of delivery address and be able to deliver the purchased product.

When the client receives a product that is not large, he must
validate that the box or bag containing the product is sealed and has no signs of previous opening; In case you detect this, you should not receive the product and you should immediately contact ESTRAFALARIO.PE. In the event that the product was received in good condition and complete, the client must accept the taking of a photograph together with the product received by ESTRAFALARIO.PE, thus leaving compliance with the delivery. After the acceptance of the product and respective photo, the customer may not file a claim for product damage or missing product.

The courier may deliver products up to a maximum of 4 floors, as long as access to it is viable. If the customer does not agree to receive the product under the aforementioned conditions, the courier may only leave it on the first floor of his home or the reception of the building. Due to the current situation of the global pandemic. The courier is not empowered or authorized to carry out special maneuvers, such as disassembling doors or windows, entering the product with pulleys, ropes, nor will the product enter through balconies, windows, skylights, ropes, or disassembling doors.

Any person of legal age at the informed address can receive the product. Because it is necessary for the bill to be signed when having the delivery agreement.


The purchase of products with the store withdrawal modality will be made according to the method enabled on the ESTRAFALARIO.PE website and according to the available store stock.

The product can be picked up the day after the purchase and up to 30 days after the ticket is issued.

It has no cost.

The store available for is located at: Av. Javier Prado Este 4200 – Zona Barrio, 1st Floor.

The pick-up times are the regular ones of each store.

The user must go to the store cashier with their order number.


Change Policy Changes are accepted within 30 calendar days after the purchase of the product, depending on the date of issuance of the Ticket/Invoice; according to Law No. 29571 - Consumer Protection and Defense Code - Legislative Decree 1053. Discounts on discounts are not valid. Changes are made with items from our store in stock and we do not refund money.


According to the regulation of Proof of Payment approved by the Resolution of
Superintendency No. 007-99 / SUNAT (RCP) and the Single Ordered Text of the General Sales Tax and Selective Consumption Tax Law, approved by Supreme Decree No. 055-99-EF and amending regulations (IGV TUO) , it concludes:

"There is no current procedure that allows the exchange of sales receipts for invoices, even more so credit notes are not intended to modify the purchaser or user that appears on the original payment receipt."

Therefore, the client must correctly decide the document that he will request as proof at the time of purchase, no change will be made.

Electronic invoices, electronic sales receipts and electronic notes linked to these electronic receipts will be made available through the company's website (https://estrafalario.pe/), for which it will be sent by email designated by the client, the necessary data so that he can consult the electronic receipt on the indicated website and have the possibility of downloading it, in accordance with Article 15 of Superintendency Resolution No. 097-2012/SUNAT, Superintendency Resolution that creates the Electronic Issuance System developed from the taxpayer's systems.

*Table of Dangerous Zones:

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