Consciously designed for you, for everyone, and for the Earth.

At Estrafalario we understand that many social and environmental conditions are not the greatest.  That's why we use our resources, voice, and creativity to do something about it.


We believe in sustainable fashion and how it could transform our society. That's why we take active steps to achieve what we believe. Today, we transform the lives of women in vulnerable situations by co-creating versatile and environmentally responsible pieces.

A brand that creates without destroying

We know that environmental sustainability is a fast-moving goal. We pursue new technologies, materials, suppliers, designs, and methods to protect nature. We don't pretend to be perfect but strongly believe in implementing, improving, and in an ongoing learning process. These are three pillars for us because only by doing so do we better protect our planet. How do we create without destroying?

A brand growing along with its community.

For this, we developed our Empowerment and Employability program that allows us to work together with young mothers, women in prison and artisan teachers. We give them the opportunity to earn their own income and make it easy for them to educate. How do we grow with our community?

A brand using its voice.

Speaking about the problems in our society is the first step to solving them. No, we are not afraid to go out and protest about unfairness. Moreover, our apparel is a canvas on which we display our philosophy of equality, environmental awareness, and diversity: from embroidered collections with powerful messages or collections that honor powerful women from ancient Peru; to inclusive clothing sizes. How do we raise our voices?


Estrafalario, dreamed by Valery Zevallos, is a story of learning, growth and change.

2021 | Señora de Cao Collection by craftswomen born in the land of this powerful woman.
We designed our collection, Señora de Cao. A Legacy of Power, hand in hand with skillful artisans from the community of Magdalena de Cao, the birthplace of this powerful Peruvian woman from the pre-Columbian period. Together with them, we revived ancestral textile techniques and introduced them inside the closet of hundreds of Peruvian women.
2021 | We introduced garments with more inclusive sizes, and we intend to keep working on them.
In 2021, we made our first two garments with more generous sizing. And while our apparel portfolio still needs to be more inclusive to all body types, we intend to keep the focus on it.
2021 | We designed our first unisex collection.
2020 | New material: recycled PET plastic yarn.
2020 | We set out to fight for endangered animals.
With our Ecoexistence collection, we bring visibility to the Peruvian fauna in danger of extinction and transfer its beauty into our clothing. Together with EcoDecisión, we work to protect the species that inspires us.
2020 | During the pandemic, we subsidized sanitation solutions for women's prisons.
Through the sale of masks, we subsidized the purchase of biosecurity items for the Anexo and Santa Monica women's prisons.
2019 | We Protest and We Act. 1 T-shirt = 1 tree.
After the massive fires in the Amazon forests, we took the streets as a sign of protest and designed a t-shirt collection to contribute to Peruvian forests' reforestation.
2019 | Seeking out the best craftswomen, we got into the very deepest part of the jungle.
We designed a collection in collaboration with artisans from Callería, in Pucallpa.
2019 | We provided education and decent jobs to teenage mothers in vulnerable situations.
We started our Empowerment and Employability program, with 14 young mothers in vulnerable situations, through the National Integral Program for Family Well-being. That year, we launched a handbag collection after providing them with technical education.